Case Studies:

Astro Details:

Birth Star Mrigasira
Moon Sign Taurus
Lagna Sagittarius
Sun Sign Virgo

This person had problems with his wife and the relationships got worsen day by day. He was about to get separation from his partner. While scrutinizing the birth chart of this person it seems the planet Mercury and Mars were creating problems in his martial life. So it was recommended to perform Sudharsana Homa and Durga Homa to overcome from relationship issues. After doing the remedies the relationship with his partner was changing good and his partner is taking care very well till now.


Relationship based on mutual harmony:

Female born- April 1970-Trivandrum

Male born- April 1965-Cochin

Both are couples living in Noida. The Moon sign of the male is Thula and the moon sign of the female is Meenam. Both are opposite signs and chances for less compatibility. To ascertain the best in relationship- we have to look into the 2nd, 7th and 11th houses respectively. In the male chart, the 2nd house had Mars in retrograde movement with Cancer as the ascendant. The 7th house lord Saturn(planet of suspicion) occupies the 8th house in the male chart and receives the aspect of Mars. The 11th house lord Venus in the male chart occupies the unfavorable 10th house.

When you look into the female chart –her 2nd house has 4 planets- Mercury (7th house lord), Venus (8th house lord), Saturn (6th and 7th house lord) and Mars (9th house lord) with Pisces as ascendant. The ascendant had malefic 6th house lord the Sun and the Moon (mind lord). Jupiter as the ascendant lord occupies the unfavorable 8th house. The 11th house lord Saturn occupies the 2nd house in debilitation.


So when looking into the above charts, the relationship between the two was in turmoil right from their marriage life. The female (girl) was not keen on this alliance, but she became a victim of forced circumstances from her relatives. She developed insecure feelings, mind unrest after her marriage. The years 2008 and 2009 was so pathetic for her and she even went to the extent of committing suicide. She was well qualified and a teacher by profession. She was without job during years 2008 and 2009 and did not know what to do. During these years, there was lot of threatening and ill treatment from the male (her husband). He even went to the extent of giving her physical torture and was of a suspicious nature. The person(male) never believed her wife in her life and she was hurt by his words which was like a thorn. The female’s in-laws even went to the extent of giving her lot of physical torture during the years 2008 and 2009. She even went to the extent of going for a divorce. She had a son and the boy was of a handicapped nature. She got a job in early part of 2010 as teacher in a school, but she lost the interest for her personal life. She longed for a good person who can understand her feelings and sentiments. Slowly with faith and prayers she is regaining her spirit.

The above is one of the good example of how planets create disharmony in personal relationship.